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I’m watching the Rapid Rooters I’ve left soaking overnight bob around in a bowl. My smile stretches from ear to ear as I prepare to germinate some new seeds. I discovered my love for plants and gardening last year. When my husbands’ friend decided to germinate some marijuana seeds and offered us a few seedlings, I honestly thought it was a crazy idea. I’d never grown anything, let alone a couple of weed trees! We said yes (recreational use had been legalized earlier that year), bought our whole set up, and thus began a life long hobby.

Man, I was NOT ready for how much goes into growing weed indoors. I had to do weeks of extensive research ( www.growweedeasy.com and YouTube University were my best friends) to make sure my new babies didn’t die on me. I was hooked from the very beginning. I couldn’t keep myself from checking in on them every few minutes when I was home. I loved watching them grow steadily over the course of a few months. My inner hobbit squealed with excitement when harvest day came along.

I will admit that I couldn’t bring myself to actually chop them down, but that’s what my husband’s here for! We spent a couple hours trimming and cleaning up the buds before sealing them in mason jars to cure. The curing process stretched for what felt like years, but in all reality it was only a couple months.

When the day came when we could finally smoke some of our homegrown pipe weed, I was on cloud 9. I felt like Merry and Pippin after the battle of Isengard, smoking a great reward after a hard victory in Tolkiens’ epic adventure. I knew from that day on that I would continue growing my own pipe weed for years to come. The satisfaction of being able to watch those plants go from seedlings to a freshly packed bowl in my Rosewood Shire Pipe was something indescribable.

Tell me about your gardening experiences below. What’d you get out of growing? If you’d like some tips and tricks for growing weed, let me know as well! I won’t pretend to be an expert by any means, but if I can help in any way then I will!

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