Tomorrow I start a new job. I can feel the anxiety and excitement building steadily as I count down the hours. After dipping my toes in quite a few different positions the past couple years, I now know exactly what I want. My new position will be primarily from home, so I’ll have the time to do the things I truly love. It’s such a comfort to be able to finally be able to start the life I want to live.

After high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I tried college, wasn’t for me. Joining the military reserves, so my life had some sort of meaning, felt like my only option. I wanted to help others more and to feel as though I was making a difference in the world. My time in was one that definitely helped to shape the person I am today. It was a completely different world and I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything.

When I came back home, I just went right back to doing the things I’d done before the military. It was all I knew. My job in retail had been held for me so I didn’t have to worry about not having a source of income. For any of you who have worked retail, you know it’s a soul crushing industry. Years went by and I could feel myself deteriorating. I wasn’t happy in the slightest. I was downright depressed, a feeling I was all too familiar with. It took so much for me to finally say enough is enough. The path I was on was leading straight to an early grave, unless I made a change. My depression had progressed to the point where I no longer saw a future for myself. It was fucking awful.

Getting out of my comfort zone was one of the toughest hurdles I’ve had to conquer. I am a creature of comfort much like my hobbit counterparts. I despise change, especially when I have no idea what lies on the other side of it. So much went into convincing myself that it would all be OK, and my life is much better for it. I realized I could do just about anything I set my mind to, much to the chagrin of the 12 year-old me who’d roll her eyes every time an adult would say that. Hindsight’s 20/20. All I can do now is continue moving forward towards my goal.

I encourage all of you to take a look around and ask yourself if you’re happy with your life. Don’t let yourself be bogged down by the people who told you you’d never amount to shit like I did. Life is what you make of it. You just have to really want it. You have to do the work, take a chance, and ultimately get out of your comfort zone. Get out of the routines that are keeping you from realizing your dreams. You don’t need a college education or to be the smartest or most creative person in the world. You just have to have a dream and the determination to achieve it. Let me know what dreams you want to make a reality in the comments below.

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